Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Funday

We spent the day at Frontier City, a small amusement park in Oklahoma City.  My friend at work was nice enough to gift me 4 free tickets that included a meal.  We all had a fun time!! 

I'm here to report that nothing impresses me much unless I'm at Disney.  I concur that this makes me a brat.  I just don't understand why I cannot LIVE at Disney?  I even have dreams about Disney.  Last night I cried in my dream because I was so happy to be at the Magic Kingdom.  It's the closest thing to a religious experience for me (being at the park when it first opens is Magical). 

Back to Frontier City... three of the rides I wanted to ride were closed.  The Ferris Wheel wasn't working.  The Log Ride broke down three times, but overall we had a really nice time.  The crowd was fairly light, the park was decorated for Halloween, and both girls were well behaved and no one had any fits until it was time to go.  Mommy fixed that up with a visit to the gift shop for a souvenir.  I know how that gig works!

It was extra nice to have a feel good day with my family.  We had fun laughing and being together!  Too bad I'm spoiled and the only thing I think about is Disney.  (Blame it on my parents, they are the ones who spoiled me terribly!!!)

Last thing on my mind- we've renamed our kitten AGAIN.  This is the third time and I think this time it's going to stick.  His name is Norman.  As in Norman, Oklahoma- the home of the SOONERS! 

Until next time, friends!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Accidental Shopping

Does that ever happen to you?  You just go into a store to browse around, suddenly things get in your cart and the next thing you know you just spent almost a hunnert dollars?  No?  It just happened to me.  I did save $50 on a 7 piece comforter set of my dreams.  It's already on my bed and I'll let you know if DDL notices. 

He's going to be impressed with me today because I'm also going to spend another hunnert on getting my hairs colored.

Feeling good today... there might be a sweet cold Mich Ultra in my future!  Happy CSD!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall Break!

A nice fall day, a little light cleaning, some small errands and a great nap!  I just cannot complain!  In addition, I had a nice little Walking Dead Marathon this afternoon.

Yesterday we took the LLM to Children's at the OU Med Center.  She has had 8 UTI's in just a short period of time and she recently had a kidney stone.  A kidney stone at 6 years old!  It was miserable.  Anyhow, the pediatric urologist was great and he isn't 100% sure if she has kidney reflux or not.  We go back in a month for another x-ray and an ultra sound.

We have a new family member!  Not sure what his name is.  It was Kipper, but now I think it's Skipper.  Mostly it's Little Kitty.  He terrorizes the big cats and loves to play with Beverly!

Have a fabulous evening with your special people!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I Be Logging

I haven't blogged since December.  Life and werk has been crazy and pretty great.  My meds are stable.  I'm really fat and happy.  People don't recognize me because of my weight gain, but hell.  I have to accept the fact that my crazy meds making me happy is better than me being insane and weighing a little less. 

Am I always going to struggle with this?  I don't know, but I suspect I will.  The other option is to quit my crazy meds and succumb to being bipolar and having a major episode of depression.  So I won't go there because those memories are far behind me but familiar enough to make me cry if I think about it too much.

Something is on my mind.  I have to be a bit evasive about a person who has caused me pain in the past is now doing a very eye-roll worthy something.  That's all I can really say without revealing who and what.  But I'm documenting here and now that I'm watching the person with different eyes now.  I just want to know why people are assholes?  Are they aware AT ALL that they are assholes?  Do they ever think back to things they've done in the past and thought to themselves that they acted like an asshole?  I'm asking you, if you are an asshole and you are reading this... do you know it?  It's just a question I have. 

I am going to try to get my mind geared towards this again.  I can't link this to Facebook or anything and I doubt anyone reads anymore.  But here is what is going on with me:  I get up in the morning, I go to werk, I werk really hard, I come home, and the girls are great.  Don't know what I did right to deserve them, but they are awesome.  They make us so happy.

I also am listening to lots of Lil Wayne, Drake, Rick Ross, and most of all Kanye West.  I paint my nails every other day, it is an obsession.  I watch Intervention and Rehab with Dr. Drew.  I read books about addiction and I'm thankful it's not me. 

So that's the first blog in a long time. 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Cranked Up

Are your kids totally cranked up about Christmas? Ours have been totally (mostly) chilled out up until tonight. Maybe they know that tomorrow is their last day of school before the break.

They are soaking up all of the holiday fun they can manage to get in. Saturday night we went to Polar Express, a free event at our local park. They had the merry-go-round going, train rides, and hot chocolate. I scored these headbands at The Dollar Tree, the second most terrifying place to go during the holiday season.


I'm already the embarassing mom, look at me... wearing dumb shit in public! These girls are totally going to roll their eyes in 3 years.


Last week at work, I decided I better submit a leave request for a few days since the girls are going to be on break. I don't normally take off during this time of year, mainly because I'm totally dysfunctional and I don't know how to be home with kids all day long. If they were babies and took naps, I'd totally love it. But I've never stayed home for any big stretch of time outside of maternity leave. We do vacations, but we're doing vacation stuff. And if the girls are sick, I stay at home and that's different too.

The company I work for won't let us carry over more than 80 hours of vacation time. I'll be home for the entire Christmas break. I am already concerned for our sanity. I keep thinking we'll be fine, we'll be fine, we'll be fine. But I'm not so sure. I don't want to be holed up in the house in PJ's the entire time.

I have spent some time today brainstorming of things to do, and now I'm kind of excited. We're going to go to the library for Christmas craft time. We will be visiting family. Each girl can have a sleep over and play date (NOT at the same time). Our fitness center has free swim daily, and we will do that a few times.

Perhaps I can bribe them into letting me take a nap at least once during the break!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Sleep is the Cousin of Death

So I didn't sleep at all last night. I hate it when I know I have to be somewhere early and people are counting on me. It was like I didn't sleep at all. I must have, I had some really weird dreams.

I dreamed that I wasn't married to Daddylish, but we were still together and in a relationship. He was also in a relationship with another woman and they had a baby together. The baby wasn't a newborn, but was young enough that he was still being nursed by this baby momma.

What the most disturbing part of the dream was that he drank her breast milk and said that it was delicious.

I decided to consult the Internet, as every one knows it is the prime source for factual information. Especially when diagnosis physical or mental illness as I am prone to do. I have frequent recurring themes to my dreams, but this is a new one.

I wish I knew better than to harness the power of interwebz. Don't Google your dreams people, it's weird and upsetting!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

August 2010

Some blogs are dedicated to cooking. Some are about family, music, housekeeping, and other topics of the Functional World. I haven't decided what this is about anymore. I know I used to be funny and now I'm not.

My TMJ has basically subsided. Every so often I have a flare up of jaw pain and once in awhile I get a really bad headache. What bothers me most physically is fibromyalgia, which is a junky diagnosis that most doctors hesitate to give because it's not really real. There isn't anything a blood test or MRI that detects the center of my pain or the reason for it. It's just there.

I've been toying with the idea that maybe my blog is about living my life with pain that is there every day and how I manage to get through it. Or maybe it's a chance to say what is on my mind on the rare occasion there is something there. Whatever it turns out to be, I'm going to try to keep writing.